Marijuana Sales


Huntington Beach stands to gain significant tax revenue from Marijuana sales, with start of legal recreational retailing in California, as of January 1, 2018.

But the City has decided to take a pause on the opening of any locations licensed to sell Marijuana in Huntington Beach.

We feel that this is a wise decision, as we can watch how this all unfolds in nearby cities and learn from their mistakes.

Will it produce an uptick in Crime or unwanted behaviors? Will it even prove viable?

With loosened restrictions on growing your own Marijuana, and the usual insane tax rate imposed by the State, the black market will only increase.

Why pay Jerry Brown, when 7 of your neighbors have greenhouses and generate a surplus…heck, why not just grow your own…

Allowing time for the market to stabilize and see how the whole thing unfolds, is worth sacrificing whatever tax dollars we stand to gain from rushing in.

Once it becomes apparent how best to support these businesses, we can simply do it right.

Any Council Candidate opposed to the establishment of legal Marijuana retail locations in Huntington Beach, once the facts are in and a path forward is charted, should be soundly rejected.

In the meantime, HB pot smokers will have to suffer a bit of inconvenience, while the game plan is formulated.

Complaining about the price of gas required to drive out of town to buy your weed?

Repeal the insane Gas Tax passed by your friendly Democrat legislators and Governor in Sacramento…


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