As part of our City Charter, 15 percent of the budget is devoted to Infrastructure maintenance and repair. The primary responsibility of a Council Candidate, would be the ability to discern where those funds are prioritized and most wisely spent.

One candidate, Brian Burley, is advocating for shifting funds out of existing earmarks into an expanded infrastructure pool. We say 15 percent of the budget is acceptable, if deployed correctly according to areas of greatest need, as mutually agreed upon ultimately, by Council members.

When developers build in our City, they pay for all the costs of new infrastructure ( Off-sites) to support that development, in addition to additional money for existing infrastructure upgrades. This needs to be kept in mind when considering new development projects.

Park In-Lieu fees finance park rehabilitation and new construction. The widely despised HDD projects, resulted in millions of dollars for existing city parks.

Successful Council Candidates should research and have a solid command of the infrastructure needs and priorities of the City, so that they are not at the mercy of Staff recommendations when looking for answers and can make informed decisions.


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