No doubt High Density Development (HDD) will continue to be a hot button issue in the coming election.

The last HDD blitzkrieg, brought to you by 2010 Council Members, Don Hansen, Gil Coerper, Joe Carchio, Devin Dwyer, and Kieth Bohr, resulted in revulsion and shock to a wide swath of HB residents, as the ugly mixed use apartments sprung up, with no visible effort made to mitigate the impact, both visually and traffic wise.

The resulting outcry generated a fury that resulted in the scaling back of the overall plan and cancellation of other potential similar projects.

City Attorney Michael Gates mounted a successful challenge to a lawsuit filed by the “Kennedy Commission”, which is essentially a lobbying arm, of a coalition of developers that stand to gain by building “affordable housing”.

Gates successfully argued that Charter Cities, of which HB is one, were exempt from the demands that the Kennedy Commission were attempting to enforce.

The Kennedy Commission has filed an appeal and as of this writing, HB and Gates are headed back into the Lions Den of progressive  justices that have been placed on the bench by a succession of Democrat Governors.

Realistically, its all mostly moot, because the State has changed the rules of the game, with the signing into law of SB35, SB167 and other companion pieces of legislation, in September, 2017.

The State legislators must have foreseen a challenge from Charter Cities, as they made it clear that they would not permit any exemption for said Cities in the legislation passed by the Democrat controlled State Government.

Candidates that haven’t done their homework, will offer blanket opposition to HDD projects.

If these uneducated candidates prevail and form a majority, they will usher in a new era of State control over local land use decisions and will bring down massive fines, in order to remain true to their campaign promises.

What is needed is leaders that will not fall back on the City Attorney’s office to try and bail them out, at taxpayer expense, in order to keep their pledges to their constituents.

In order to satisfy the State mandates, it will become necessary to learn how to navigate the new minefield layed down by State legislators that think the State can dictate how and what developers should build, irrespective of market conditions and demand.

Any candidate that professes blanket opposition to HDD and dosent understand the new reality, needs to be soundly rejected.

For more info on SB35 and the new reality, please review this post on HBSledgehammer.com…

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