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Chuck Johnson

Stop pissing me off. You have been warned!

Chuck Johnson currently is the Editor of this fine piece of work.

Email Johnson at surfcitysledgehammer@gmail.com

Kimba pos

A soft feminine touch from designer Kimba who shares Johnson’s love of blunt force trauma to idiots in local government.


Graphic Design Intern: Wilson. A 5th year student at Cal State Barstow, Wilson enjoys bowling, smoking weed and looking for his lost car keys.


Mike Robertson

Contributing Author / Roving Food Reviews: Mike Roberson Robertson eats out everyday. He’s always got some shithole to review.

Kristen Sullivan

Contributing Author: Democrat, mom, wife. Truth seeker. Sullivan asked nicely for equal time for a progressive point of view. See what happens when you ask nicely?

John Brerton

Contributing Author: John Brerton still hasn’t contributed a thing since his approval as a contributor recently…

John Genzale

Contributing Author: Like Sullivan, Genzale reached out to demand equal time. I guess he dosent have much time because like Brerton, he hasn’t contributed a thing yet.


Assholes of the week Nominating Committee; Anonymous participation group currently comprised of 9 individuals. Want to join? send us an email at:


Subject line: Asshole.

Sledgehammer sponsored by the friendly attorneys at:


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